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Travel Inspiration Card Idea and Instructions

This card we make for a wonderful man who loves to travel. The card consists of 3 layers. A basis of the card from card stock. The background of the card consists of two layers of design paper. We cut out the words associated with travel  from designer paper. You can print the words …

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Origami Lucky Star Folding Instructions

It’s convenient to use color paper A4 format to make stars. For little stars cut 1cm wide strips lengthwise the sheet of paper, and for big ones cut strips 1,5 cm wide breadthwise the paper. Take a strip 1,5 cm and make a loop so the end is not very …

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Make a Card. With Love Note.

Make a Quiling Card. Step by Step Instructions

Creating a sweet card with the elements of quilling.  Tools: Cut out a basis of the card from card stock, and the front layer from designer paper. From color paper a strip 21×1,5 cm for the flower. Mark the fold line of the card to make it qualitative you should …

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Make Travel Inspiration Card

Make the Travel Inspiration Card Instructions

Cut out rough parts that symbolize traveling from designer paper. Multilayer elements look especially interesting. We have chosen a bicycle, an air-balloon, a train and selected a suitable 2 layer background. Put together the layers beforehand to see how it will look like. Adjust all the layer and glue them …

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