Monthly Archives: September 2016

Make The Simple Tunnel Book For Beginners

Make a Tunnel book, gallery image 1

This Tunnel Book are simple to make. To create a tunnel book we will require 4 layers from cardboard and a background. We printed the background on a printer, blue cardboard can be used. Cut 5 layers from the cardboard 15×14 cm. Using compasses draw a circle 11 cm diameter on …

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Dry Erase Board from Photo Frame

Dry Erase Board From Photo Frame, image 1

Dry Erase Board from Photo Frame be easy to made. We used a double sided photo frame.  Take the photo frame apart. Clean the glass.Cut two pieces from color or design paper that fit the frame size.Decorate color paper using stamps. Put parts of the frame together and now you can leave …

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Pencil Holder and Vase From Bamboo Sticks.

Pencil holders from a can and bamboo sticks.

You can easily make nice pencil holder and vase for flowers from a can and bamboo sticks. Clean the cans, the inner side can be painted. The outer side is polished with sandpaper, so the sticks can glue better. If you paint bamboo sticks in different colors this make an …

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