About Us


There’s always something special about handmade gifts. The fact that every piece is meticulously
and individually created, that every piece gets the same personal attention and care on its way to
manifestation, the unique perfection or the inconsequential imperfections.

Everything about handmade gifts and cards is heartwarming, satiating and memorable.

Handicraft Universe is an outcome of passion. A passion that founder Denis and his friends has harbored all her
life and has transcended into the form of handmade gifts that would bring joy to people.

Handicraft Universe is not about churning out new products or items for the sake of it.

Every piece on the ever growing inventory has been thoughtfully conceived, creatively developed
and aesthetically finished. There is no universal definition of what is beautiful, great, elegant
or wonderful. At Handicraft Universe, every gift or card, toy or artwork is in a class of itself.

Explore the handmade world of Den and through her DIYs you can bring in a tinge of simple
pleasure. One that doesn’t cost much, one that is uncomplicated and one that would be a real
treat for yourself and for anyone who is the recipient of your gift.

At Handicraft Universe, it is our perennial endeavor to inspire and be inspired.

Handicraft Universe