Quilling For Beginners. Basic Quilling Shapes.

quilling for beginners. quilling scrolls

About Quilling Basic Quilling shapes Quilling scrolls About Quilling Quilling is a unique hobby that teaches you attention, spatial thinking, improves motor skills, develops your taste and imagination, allows you to create stunning masterpieces from the most accessible material – paper, and simply gives pleasant minutes of creativity and relaxation. …

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Quilling Flowers For Beginners.

quilling flowers for beginners

Quilling Flowers – this is perhaps the first thing that beginners create in the quilling technique for beginners. They are very diverse, not at all complicated in execution, and at the same time they are great for creating postcards, paintings and other decor. By twisting your first petals, flowers and …

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Making an Autumn Quilling Card. Sorbus Quilling.

Autumn Quilling Card

Such a wonderful time as autumn gives us a lot of creative ideas to make interesting Autumn Quilling Card. A beautiful sorbus tree grows by my window and it inspired me on creation of an Autumn Card. This Card is easy to make, to create it the simple forms of …

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A magnet with the elements of quilling.

Make a Magnet with Quilling Flower

Tools and Materials: Take 2 squares of the appropriate color 3,5 and 3 cm large for the basis of a magnet. A flower with 6 petals. For a flower choose strips of two colors 15 cm length. Glue them together. If you need shorter strips, it’s better not to cut …

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