DIY Christmas decor idea. Easy Craft.

DIY Christmas decor idea

Home decor – creates a special atmosphere and a magical mood in anticipation of the New Year and Christmas holidays.
When you admire the Christmas decor idea on the pages of magazines or on the Internet, it seems that such beautiful things not everyone can do, but no less beautiful and simple Christmas crafts can be done with your own hands.
We propose to make cute crafts from frames for paintings, burlap and wooden felling in the Christmas style.

We cut the base from burlap, the size of a frame. It is better to glue the burlap to the back wall of the frame, so you will avoid wrinkles.
We paint the wooden blank mittens in Christmas colors: red and green. Glue the dried mitt to the base of burlap. We assemble the frame and enjoy the result!

The second variant of the decorative frame is made in other colors: white and blue, they are very well suited to our blank Christmas ball.
You can use any other Christmas symbols: Christmas tree, gingerbread man, sugar cane and so on!

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