Easter frame idea

The Easter Frame Idea from a frame and threads.

The holiday of peace and goodness is Easter. On this day, many congratulate their relatives and, in addition to warm words, a festive table, it is always nice to please loved ones with handmade gifts and with love! We show a fluffy Easter Frame idea decor from a photo frame.

To create this decoration, we need threads of bright colors. We will fix the threads on the glue gun.

Tools and materials:

  • color threads
  • glue gun
  • picture frame
  • modelr’s knife.
  • bamboo sticks

Download “Easteg egg templates” easter_egg_templates.pdf – Downloaded 16 times – 5 KB

Print and cut out the egg template from the cardboard, we have chosen a large size. On a flat stick or strip of cardboard (1 cm wide), wind a thread equal to the bottom of the egg, apply glue with a gun and glue it.

For convenience, you can wrap and glue several sticks of thread at once. Give a good stick and cut the threads with a model or clerical knife, as in the photo.

Glue the fluffy Easter egg on a beautiful background and paste

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