Easy Christmas craft with jars and cans

Easy Christmas craft with jars and cans

Today we decided to share with you the Christmas mood and inspire you to an easy christmas craft. Christmas is not one day, but a whole month of expectation and joy, which means that you can make a real holiday out of the preparation itself!
Here you can see how we made vases from cans, glasses and cans. And now we will decorate them in a Christmas style.

We show you three options.

The first vase was decorated with a ribbon, a bright snowflake and metal deer pendants and bells.

The second vase was decorated with paper snowflakes, glued them to a double-sided tape.
Our third vase turned into a Rudolph deer. A recognizable red nose is a pompom, well, eyes. But spruce branches are not just filling the vase, but also Rudolph’s horns!

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