Easy Halloween Craft Idea – Monsters From Corks

If you have a few wine bottle corks here is an Easy Halloween Craft Idea – Monsters From Bottle Corks. This is an easy and funny craft, that will involve the whole family into the process. Paint the corks with various colors. We used acrylic paints. And wait until the first layer dries.

And then think how your monsters will look like, they can be smiley, scary, funny, anything you can imagine.
You can use images of your favorite characters from cartoons, movies and comics.

Cut 6 parts from pipe cleaner 3-4 cm long for legs.
Clean 0,5 cm of pipe cleaner from fur.

Make piercing on a cork with a needle or an awl and insert the cleaned end of pipe cleaner into the holes.
Bend legs as you like.

You can make a whole army of such monsters and they will make you smile through the whole Halloween.

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