Easy Halloween Craft: A Spider From Styrofoam

Easy Halloween Craft spider

Halloween is coming soon, All Saints’ Eve, and this means it’s high time for fun and creativity for all the family. I came up with an idea of an easy halloween craft and how to make a funny spider of styrofoam and pipe cleaner.

First of all let’s prepare all the parts:
Cut a styrofoam ball carefully into halves. (it’s better when the adults do this!)

halloween easy craft spider
Divide a paper cleaner into 8 equal parts (spiders have 8 legs!), clear one end of fur approximately 1 cm.
Cut a square from paper, its size depends on your ball, the paper should cover it completely.

halloween easy craft spider

Wrap a half of a ball with paper, fix the edges with glue or tape.
Glue the “eyes”.
Insert the pipe cleaner parts on the sides, these will be the legs of our spider. You can bend the pipe cleaner parts, so they will look more like legs.

halloween easy craft spider

Each spider can be individual: you can add “hair”, change the position of eyes, curve of its mouth – this will make you spider look funny or scary.

halloween easy craft spider


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