Egg stands made of thread and paper toilet rolls.

Egg stands made of thread and paper toilet rolls.

Easter is a special holiday uniting the whole family and prepare for this day in advance. We offer you ideas for egg stands. With their help, you will decorate your home, holiday table, prepare holiday gifts for your loved ones. Make crafts with the children and tell them about this bright holiday.


  • color threads
  • scissors
  • toilet paper roll
  • double sided adhesive tape
  • glue

For this craft, we need threads of bright spring flowers.
Cut the paper rolls into pieces 2-3 cm high. Glue double-sided tape on the rolls. Wind the thread tightly onto the roll, pressing it against the tape.

The main work is over – now it’s time for jewelry! You can decorate our Easter egg holders with anything: paper flowers, brads, half beads, bows, Easter stickers.

We decorated one stand with cute quilling flowers, how to make them is described here. Our egg stands is ready, happy crafting.

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