How to make a Halloween haunted garland for kids.

halloween garland for kids

Halloween eve is a great time to make kids crafts. Various fantastic and fairy-tale characters, funny souvenirs, original Halloween haunted garland for kids – all this will find its application at this unusual holiday.

Monsters, bats, ghosts have a truly magical attraction for kids, so what could be more fun and interesting for a child, how to make a ghost for Halloween with your own hands?

We make gauze ghosts, but you can use any lightweight white fabric. Cut out square rags 40*40 cm in size, three pieces per ghost.

Lay on top of each other as in the photo.

Pierce the foam ball with a needle and thread (do not forget to make a knot at the end of the thread!) And pass it through the center of the flaps.

The only thing left is the funniest thing – to come up with what your ghosts will be like! You can make a funny, sad, surprised, and angry ghost.

Glue the mouth and eyes. We cut the mouth out of black paper. For fun, we made one ghost orange, like a Halloween pumpkin!

You can hang all the ghosts on one thread, or just hang one by one at home.

Our Halloween haunted garland for kids is ready.

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