Mother’s Day crafts idea.

Mother's Day craft idea

We all love our mothers and are ready to talk about this as often as possible. But it’s good when there is Mother’s Day, when you can thank your beloved mothers and grandmothers. Each child will want to make a nice gift with his own hands for mom, and write in her words of love and tenderness. Our idea of crafts for Mother’s Day will help in this.
We decorated our craft in a photo frame, slightly tinting it in blue.

Materials and tools:

  • ruler, scissors
  • picture frame
  • photo paper
  • color threads
  • decorative washi tape

Download and print the base for the craft.

Add your own flags made from decorative tape. It is very easy to make a flag: glue the thread between the folded tape, cut about 2 cm, give the shape of a flag. The distance between the flags is approximately 1.5cm.

Two threads with flags fit in our frame, but you can do as much as you like. Fix the flags with a simple tape (or glue) on the back of the warp as in the photo.

You can insert our gift into the frame.

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