St. Patrick’s Day Craft. Garland From Pipe Cleaners.

St. Patrick's Day Craft. Garland From Pipe Cleaners.

The beginning of spring brings to our life a wonderful holiday, St. Patrick’s Day. So let’s make an easy St. Patrick’s Day Craft and decorate the house and attract good luck! The idea will easily help us with this – how to make a garland for St. Patrick’s Day from pipe cleaners.

Crafts made of wire are always very simple and beautiful, so be sure to connect children to this creative process!


  • stick
  • green paint
  • scissors
  • threads
  • green and gold pipe cleaners

Patrick's Day Craft. Garland from pipe cleaners

A lot of greenery and a little gold is the motto of our garland.) The basis of the garland is a stick, paint it green, choose the threads green or gold too.
Give the wire a trefoil shape, but be sure to add a couple of four-leaf clovers for good luck. Hang clover to a stick.

Our St Patrick’s Day Craft is ready!


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