St Patrick’s day crafts for kids. Pipe cleaners craft.

St Patrick's day crafts for kids

Patrick’s Day is a bright and interesting holiday, and we offer St Patrick’s day crafts for kids and parents: how to decorate a house with the same fun and beautiful miniatures.
What can be brighter than a rainbow? Nothing !!! And we can easily make it only with the help of wire and artificial grass.


  • pipe cleaners
  • artificial grass
  • scissors
  • miniature decor
  • felt

The first purple wire for the rainbow is 9 cm, each next 1 cm longer. Clean the ends of the wire from pile from each end by 1 cm as in the photo.

For convenience of fastening the wire to artificial grass, make holes with a needle or awl. Fasten the wire in the form of an arc and make a rainbow as a photo. To complete the composition, we made a bowler for gold from felt (4x 1.5 cm), fastened with a stapler.

You can make another holiday miniature. Decorate artificial grass with clover. Using a pencil, twist the rings for clover petals as in the photo.

Mount clover on artificial grass in the same way as we described above in the case of the rainbow. Add something shiny to simulate gold and our St Patrick’s day crafts for kids are ready.

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