Unusual ideas for Halloween crafts

printable low poly potion

A fun holiday is coming and we bring you unusual ideas for Halloween crafts. This is not only pumpkins, costumes, sweets, but also an opportunity to make funny crafts with children. A good opportunity to decorate a house, a garden with an unusual decor, surprise and amuse the people around you.

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One of the options is paper low poly magic bottles. They are easy to make, just print the template on a color printer, cut, and glue.

They can be colored or given to children to color and decorate. They can be used to decorate a house, place it on shelves and a festive table. It can also be an original gift for fans of retro games and IT specialists.

You can use different tags with holiday wishes, or vice versa with ominous inscriptions in the spirit of Halloween.

The next idea for Halloween crafts is the original paper coins with pictures of pumpkins. These coins are also not difficult to make from printed templates.

They can be used as a separate decor or used for a party, exchanged for gifts and sweets. You can also make a very original garland out of them and surprise guests.


Another idea is a stylized low poly candy corn. Simple patterns can be cut and glued by children. You can paint a variant of the white template yourself, and come up with funny or sinister characters by adding eyes and drawing a smile, for example.

If you put these ideas together, then you will have a very original decor for the holiday and not like the others. Especially if you do it with your kids and have a fun Halloween preparation time together.

Merry handicrafts and a good holiday!

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