Vases from jars, cans in the autumn style

Vases from jars, cans

Autumn is a favorite time not only of poets, but also of designers, because it gives delightful and unique: red, orange, gold shades.
I would like to save a piece of this magnificent, preparing for bed nature!
This is what we will do today: from cans, glasses and cans, we will make nice vases from jars and cans in the autumn style.

Clean the can well. Stick 4 strips of double-sided tape, as in the photo. We will stick decorative thread on them. We can also stick tape on the bottom of the can so that the first rows of the thread are clearly fixed. It is very easy to wash the thread, just do not rush so that the rows lie flat.

The top of the jar can also be glued with tape to better fix the end of the thread.

We came up with three different decor ideas for our already vases! One vase was decorated with artificial acorns on a wire and a real bump, ending with a bright ribbon accent.

The second vase was decorated with artifact apples on a wire, it is very easy to tie them together and fix on a vase.

The third vase was decorated by pipe cleaners, only at first they gave it an interesting and beautiful shape of the springs, this is done quickly and simply, using pencils or a thinner stick.

A wonderful holiday awaits us ahead – Thanksgiving and self-made bright autumn decorations will enliven the interior and give you a good mood.

Our vases from jars is ready, happy crafting! )

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