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Cute Card With Quilling Flowers

Today we will make a delicate card with quilling flowers and not very difficult. We will make flowers for cards using the loop quilling technique. It requires a little more attention, but the result will be more elegant and impressive. Even if you don’t have a quilling board with pins, you can easily do without it. You will need a cork board, a template for a petal on paper, 4 pins.

quilling card quilling flowers

Fasten the template for the petal with tape on a cork board. Glue the tip of the paper strip around the pin, like photos. Wait a little while the glue dries.

quilling card quilling flowers

Now we begin to arrange pins according to the template and trace a paper strip around them.

quilling card quilling flowers

Do not tighten the strip strongly, strong folds are not needed for this petal.

Glue each loop obtained on the first pin. After making 3 loops, wrap the strip around the petal and glue the tip of the paper.

quilling card quilling flowersquilling card quilling flowers quilling card quilling flowers
For one flower you need 5 petals.

quilling card quilling flowers

Print on a thick paper base for a card with the words “Happy Birthday”

Download “Card With Quilling Flowers. Printable Template.” card_quilling_flower_template.pdf – Downloaded 144 times – 14 KB

To fold the blank correctly, use the scoring technique in this article – St. Patrick’s Day Card Ideas

To make the flowers look more impressive on a white background, glue a strip of purple paper about 2 cm wide to the base.
From white paper we cut out 3 circles with a diameter of about 3 cm. The edges were tinted with a purple pad.quilling card quilling flowers

Gently glue the petals on tinted circles and form flowers. Let the flowers dry and glue to the base of the card. The final element of flower decoration is pearl half beads.

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