Father's Day card idea

Greeting card for Father’s Day.

An always a relative gift for dad for any occasion – a do-it-yourself card. Card for Father’s Day are a great opportunity to express your feelings for a loved one. It can be presented as a separate gift or together with the main gift. A postcard for dad can take any form. Do not limit your imagination to standard forms.

Materials and tools:

  • Foto paper
  • Rulers, scissors
  • Aluminum Tape
  • glue
  • color card stock

Download “Father's Day card tepmlates” FathersDay_card_template.pdf – Downloaded 11 times – 9 KB

The main work should be done by the child himself, and an adult can unobtrusively offer an idea and help if difficulties arise.

Seal the rocket body with aluminium tape.

Next, carefully trim the excess along the outline of the rocket. Cut the elements of the card from the printed template and lay it out on the background of the card. We stuck the rocket and the inscription on the bulk tape.

Our card for Father’s Day is ready!

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