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Happy Birthday card with loop quilling flower. Free printable template.

Happy Birthday card

Loop quilling is a kind of paper-rolling technique, where you first need to make paper loops, and then compose the main idea of the craft from them.

Loop quilling is not difficult to do on your own, and therefore you can learn to make them both for adults and children, the main thing is the desire to create.
Even in your first work in the technique of looped quilling, you are sure to enjoy it, having received inspiration for the next craft.

Download “Happy Birthday card template” happy_birthday_card_template.pdf – Downloaded 43 times – 15 KB

It can be landscapes, animals, flowers, people. In this type of creativity, petals and leaflets are most often created. Although the flight of fantasies is not limited to this, and quilling masters create truly unique works that captivate the eye.
Even having mastered one element of looped quilling, we can make a cute and simple birthday card.

The main element of our postcard is a flower of 6 petals. The petal will be two-color: glue two segments of size 15 and 10 cm. Draw a diagram for the petal on paper (we took a sheet with cells, it’s more convenient), attach it to the cork substrate (because we will stick pins in it!) with an adhesive tape. Scotch tape will not give stick the petal to the substrate.

Make a loop around the first pin, do not pull the strip so that the loop is round, fasten with glue, let it dry. Then do it 4 more times, do not rush, let the glue dry well. Carefully remove the pins and shift the tab to the side, make room for Scotch tape for the next petal.

In addition, we decorated the card with glue-based half-beads.

Happy Bithday card template Happy Birthday card idea

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