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Marine card idea

Sea card idea

Today we are making marine card. Marine style has long entered our daily lives and is firmly established there. The motto of the marine style – the simpler the better. And if you or your loved ones love the sea and prefer to surround yourself with gizmos reminiscent of it, then scrapbooking in a marine style is exactly your theme. Nautical postcard will certainly cheer you up. She will always be reminded of wonderful days at sea or interesting adventures.

Materials and tools:

  • cardstock
  • stamps
  • design paper
  • ruler, scossors
  • glue

On the basis of white cardboard, glue the background of the postcard from designer paper. The main decor of the postcard will be stamps, for them we are preparing a basis suitable for the style of the background.
The dark blue substrate will well highlight the decorative element for stamps.

Cut circles out of white stamp paper, and tint the edges with a stamp pad.

We glued 2 circles to glue, and the largest circle with a ship stamp was glued to bulk tape.

Stick on a blue backing and decorate with a twine with a knot as in the photo. Glue the twine on the back with glue.

Stick the inscription on the volumetric tape to give volume and effect.

Our marine card is ready!


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