Simple Christmas card for kids..

Simple Christmas card for kids.

Today we show how the smallest can make a beautiful and simple Christmas card for kids. Everyone’s favorite holiday Christmas is not only celebrated by the whole family, but, of course, prepared by all family members!

It will definitely decorate your home or will become a pleasant present for your family and friends. Famous and favorite songs inspired us on the plot of the cards.: Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Let it snow, Jingle Bell.

Simple Christmas card for kids. Materials

Since we use silver stickers, for beauty and contrast we take dark blue cardboard as the basis of the card. The size of the card is 12*15 cm.
We glued deer and Christmas trees to the first postcard, painting the snowy hills with a white marker.

Simple Christmas card for kids. Step by step instruction

Bells were glued to the second card and the inscription “jingle bells, jingle bells” was made.
On the third version of the card, snowflakes were glued and the inscription “let it snow” was made.
These cards are made very quickly and easily, so the child will take great pleasure creating such beautiful Christmas cards with his own hands.

Our card for kids is ready!

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