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Simple printable Halloween card for kids.

Halloween card for kids.

Pumpkin is one of the main attributes of Halloween. Therefore, the first thing you need for Halloween is pumpkins. You can make a variety of Halloween crafts from this vegetable. Little kids can make a simple printable Halloween card. Crafts for Halloween with children will not only help you have fun, but also help your child in all-round development.

Materials and tools:

  • ruler, scissors
  • printer, matt photo paper
  • cardstock
  • glue, double side foam tape
  • thread

Download “Printable Halloween card for kids” printable_halloween_card_pumpkin.pdf – Downloaded 19 times – 9 KB

Cut out the postcard elements carefully. Small details can help a child to cut an adult. The base of the postcard was glued to cardboard for strength.

The pumpkin consists of several layers – this will give it volume and effect. Glue the first layer with glue.

We glue the second, third layers and the “tail” of the pumpkin onto a volumetric tape.

We glued the eyes and mouth on the glue points, you can use glue.

Glue the thread to the “BOO” inscription on the back. Glue the inscription on the card with voluminous tape. We fix the thread on the back of the card with tape.

Our simple Halloween card for kids is ready.

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