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Valentine’s Day embroidery card.

Valentine's Day embroidery card

A wonderful holiday is approaching – Valentine’s Day. One of the gift ideas is a Valentine’s Day embroidery card. We do not just give each other gifts for the holiday, but we give our love. Valentines are a bright symbol of February 14th.

Although, of course, you can give not only conditional hearts, but everything that you think concerns feelings.

The main thing is that the one to whom you present a gift understands: you really love him.

Materials and tools:

  • embroidery thread or color threads
  • ruler, scissors, glue
  • cardstock, color cardstock
  • printer

Download “Hearts printable templates” heart_string.pdf – Downloaded 23 times – 2 KB

An embroidered heart will definitely not seem banal, but it will look very impressive and beautiful.

Attach the template to the cardboard.

To make it easier and not spoil the base of the postcard, make holes for the thread.

Carefully remove the template and start embroidering.

It took us about 6 meters of thread to make a postcard measuring 15 * 15 cm.

We glued the embroidered cardboard onto a base of a suitable color.

Our Valentines Day embroidery card  is ready. Happy crafting!


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