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Easy mobile craft for kids.

how to make mobile for kids.

Enjoy your summer! Invite your child to complete tasks to develop creativity and creative thinking in their free time. We offer simple ideas for mobile craft that a child can make himself or with your help.
You can use an old children’s mobile, a hoop, or use a strip of cardboard to make a circle out of it.
We had bright colored beads from a broken toy and they will be the basis of the decoration, you can dilute them with separate paper elements.

You can download and cut them, you can draw something of your own with your child.

Download “Cloud template” cloud.pdf – Downloaded 15 times – 5 KB

We hang the beads on threads, fastening them with knots at a certain distance. Glue the paper elements on tape.

We tie the finished threads with beads to a circle. We also decorated the circle itself with paper elements: clouds and the sun, gluing them on tape.
For the second option, you can use an interesting element  – origami Lucky Star. In this post you can see how to make origami Lycky Star.

Additionally, you can decorate the circle with stars and the moon. Our mobile is ready, happy crafting!

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