Making an Autumn Quilling Card. Sorbus Quilling.

Such a wonderful time as autumn gives us a lot of creative ideas to make interesting Autumn Quilling Card. A beautiful sorbus tree grows by my window and it inspired me on creation of an Autumn Card. This Card is easy to make, to create it the simple forms of quilling should be prepared.

Making Autimn Card. Instructions.Cut out a base for quilling 10×15 cm from red cardboard.A background from designer paper 14.5×9.5 cm. Glue the card background to the base.         Making Autimn Card. Instructions.

Let’s start with the berries, make them of a different size, the length of the quilling paper strips is from 25 cm to 35 cm. To make the berries look brighter and more varied, glue together the strips of 2-3 shades of red as shown on the photo.Making Autimn Card. Instructions.

From the prepared strips make tight rolls. Then it is necessary to give volume to the berries, to do this you can use the quilling moulds. Or use tools at hand. We used the rounded tweezers tip. To prevent the berries from losing its form, smear them with glue inside and leave to dry.Making Autimn Card. Instructions.

Making Autimn Card. Instructions.

A branch with leaves transfers vivid autumn colours. So freely combine all the shades appropriate to the Golden autumn. To make leaves, twist a roll from the glued strips of different colors 45 cm length.Making Autimn Card. Instructions.

On the ruler for quilling unfold a roll and glue the end. Now shape the leaf, to do this press down firmly and evenly on the edges of the roll.Making Autimn Card. Instructions.

Making Autimn Card. Instructions.

Make a branch from a brown strip. Make a couple of rolls and give them an arbitrary shape, so the branch at the base will be thicker.

Making Autimn Card. Instructions.
Making Autimn Card. Instructions.

Give the green strip a slight bend.  Next, glue the leaves to the branch.

Making Autimn Card. Instructions.

From the brown strips form branches for bunches and glue berries. For the label we used white letter stickers that are painted with acrylic paints.

Making Autimn Card. Instructions.

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