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The idea of ​​a simple christmas card

The idea of ​​a simple christmas card

Christmas is coming – the most anticipated holiday of the year, it is always accompanied by pleasant bustle and various preparations. In anticipation of the solemn event, we try to choose original gifts for relatives, friends, colleagues. But why not make them yourself? We have prepared many ideas for you that can be used to make DIY Christmas crafts. Make sure that it is not only simple, but also beautiful!
Today, the next step is the idea of ​​a simple Christmas card with a Christmas ball, in two versions.

Download and print cards template.

Download “Christmas Card Template” 10x15_card_template.pdf – Downloaded 65 times – 10 KB

Cut two rectangles carefully along the lines.

On a sheet with the inscription we cut a circle (diameter 5 cm), using the Compass Circle Cutter Tool, you can use a model knife or a figured hole punch.

On the reverse side, glue a beautiful square with snowflakes, the square is slightly larger than the size of the circle(6*6 cm). On the same side in the center from the top, fix the end of the thread for our ball.

We also fixed the thread with a glue point, already on the front side of the background, directly above the ball. The place of gluing was decorated with rhinestones, in the form of snowflakes.
The background was glued to the base on a volumetric tape, this will give the card a volume and expressiveness.
The second version of the card differs quite a bit in the assembly. Here we used a blue base for contrast.(Base size 10*15 cm)

A silver thread was fixed in the same way on the reverse side, then glued to the place where the center of the ball would be.
The ball in this embodiment is cut out and glued to a three-dimensional tape; a silver cone holder for the ball was glued to it.

Background with a ball stick on a blue background.

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